Information about security keys for use with Microsoft multifactor authentication


A security key is a physical device that connects to your computer or mobile device using USB or NFC. When multifactor authentication (MFA) is required, a security key can be inserted. It is a more security MFA method than receiving an SMS text message or voice call with a code.

example screenshot


A security key can be used instead of, or in addition to, a password. The key allows access to certain websites or applications.

Security keys are one of the most secure methods of MFA because it's impossible for a cybercriminal to steal it over the Internet. The only way this method could be compromised is if the physical key was stolen.

Many types of security keys are available for purchase (e.g., YubiKey). The TTU IT Division does not purchase or provide security keys. Departments may opt to purchase them for faculty, staff, and students in their area, if desired.

To set up a security key for use with Microsoft MFA, please view the article How to: Set up Microsoft multifactor authentication (MFA).

NOTE: Security keys are not currently compatible with the TTUnet VPN service.