Error: "An error occurred while communicating with the Remote Desktop Gateway" (0x3000006)


You receive the following message when attempting to connect to a Windows PC from your Mac, iPhone, or iPad:

An error occurred while communicating with the Remote Desktop Gateway. If this keeps happening, contact your network administrator for assistance.

Error code: 0x3000066

example screenshot


Any of the following may be true:

  • The remote computer is not powered on or has lost power due to an electrical failure.
  • The remote computer is not set up to receive remote desktop connections.
  • The hostname that you typed into the "PC name" field is not correct.
  • Your account is locked due to too many incorrect password attempts in a short period of time.


1) Ensure that the remote computer is powered on and is configured to accept incoming connections:

2) Verify the full name of your remote Windows computer, and ensure that it matches what you entered into the Remote Desktop software on the Mac, iPhone, or iPad in the "PC name" field.

TIP: For help finding the computer name on your remote computer, please view the articles linked below:

3) Contact IT Help Central to see if your account is currently locked or has bad password attempts recently recorded. If so, please follow our troubleshooting guide for this scenario.


You are able to establish a connection to the Windows PC successfully.