Error: "Invalid login credentials" when attempting to access eBill


You receive the following message when attempting to sign in to eBill:

Invalid login credentials.

example screenshot


Cause #1

You are a student, but you are trying to sign in using the link intended for parents and other third-party users that you've authorized.

example screenshot

Cause #2

The student who granted access has removed the parent or other third party from accessing their eBill account.


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Resolution for Cause #1

Make sure that you are signing in using the link for students. It reads "LOGIN & PAY STUDENTS".

If you still cannot sign in, close all of your browser windows. Then, try following our illustrated instructions on how to sign in to eBill as a student.

Resolution for Cause #2

Contact the student whose account you are trying to access; ask them to confirm their account to make sure that you still have access.


You are able to sign in to eBill at TTU.