Problem signing in to the Strategic Plans and Assessment Reports website


Problem signing in to Strategic Plans and Assessment Reports (SPAR) web application at




1) Browse to and make sure that you can sign in to that website, including clicking the Manage Your Account button. This will verify that the username and password you are using matches what is in the eRaider system.

If you cannot sign in to the eRaider website, use the links provided there to verify your username and reset your password.

2) If you still cannot sign in to the SPAR website, consider clearing your browser's cache, history, cookies, and saved form data/passwords. Sometimes, old information can be saved in your browser and prevent you from signing in to websites.

3) Consider resetting your browser's settings to their default levels.

4) Try using a different web browser. For instance, if you are using Safari, try using Edge; or if you are using Edge, try using Chrome.

5) Make sure that your operating system and browser software have the latest updates installed.

6) Request further assistance by contacting If no response is received or the matter is urgent, you may contact Pradip Sahu at 806-834-0568 or


You are able to sign in to the SPAR web application.