Restarting your computer may resolve unresponsiveness or program glitches


  • Programs is unresponsive or computer performance is hindered
  • Erratic operation
  • Abnormal operation is occurring when using the computer


The computer needs to be restarted. Restarting a computer can restore operation of the computer to a normal state.


Often, rebooting a computer or shutting it down will fix many problems. These problems may include lost network connections, programs that are not responding, or strange errors in programs.

When a Mac or PC is shut down, any contents of RAM are lost, including those contents that caused interruptions and degradation of computer performance. Restarting is often all that is needed to restore operation of the computer to normal. But, some problems are not that simple.

You should usually restart a computer after adding or removing programs.

In addition, to avoid losing large files and documents, you should save your work every 15 minutes at a minimum. Doing so will prevent the loss of valuable time and information. Typically Microsoft Office applications keep a copy of the file to allow recovery later. If the computer has to be manually powered off, after restarting the system search the computer for the document. A recent copy of the document may be available for you to open and work with.


The computer may function normally.