Error: "550 Unable to send messages flagged with security warnings"


You receive the following undeliverable notification when sending a message through TechMail:

550 Unable to send messages flagged with security warnings. Contact 806.742.4357 for assistance.


You are replying to or forwarding a message which has been prepended with the following warning:

WARNING: This message is not from a sender on your Safe Sender's list AND MAY BE AN ATTEMPT TO STEAL YOUR PASSWORD. No email from a reputable source will ever ask for, or direct you to verify, your email account information! If you are certain of the sender's identity and need to reply or forward this message, delete this warning verbiage before sending and add the address to your Safe Sender's list. For further assistance, call (806) 742-4357.

From December 19, 2008, until early 2016, TechMail automatically added this notice to any incoming email message which was suspected to be a phishing attempt (an attempt to trick you into revealing your password).

The TechMail system blocks replies to such messages in order to protect your account from phishing.


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

If the email is requesting your eRaider password or other private information, please see How to: Handle suspicious/phishing emails sent to your TechMail account.

If a legitimate email message is flagged with the warning, you may successfully reply to the message or forward it by selecting and deleting the warning text before sending. You may also want to consider adding the original sender to your Safe Senders List; this will prevent the warning text from being prepended to future messages from that sender.