Error: "Please make sure your email box is activated in" when signing in to Raiderlink


You receive the following message when signing in to a website which uses eRaider authentication:

Please make sure your email box is activated in or If your email inbox is already activate, your information is not yet available in Banner. Come back tomorrow as user information gets updated every night. If the problem persists, submit a ticket to IT Help Central.

example screenshot


Possible causes:

  • Your account is eligible for TechMail ( email) service but you have not yet created your mailbox.
  • Your account was just recently activated.
  • Your admissions status was just recently applied.


1) If you recently created your TechMail address and get this error while trying to register for classes, please go to

2) Check to make sure that your TechMail account has been activated. If not, activate it.

3) If your mailbox was already activated, do one of the following apply?

  • You activated your account within the last 24 hours.
  • Your admission status was just applied to your account within the last 24 hours.

If so, you may need to wait another day or two before your admission status has updated in all systems to allow you to access Raiderlink.

4) If the items above did not apply, please contact IT Help Central. We can research your account further. Depending on the status of your account, we may also suggest you contact your admissions office and/or the TTU Office of the Registrar.


You will be able to sign in to your original website destination successfully.