Error: "The information you provided did not match our records" when attempting to reset eRaider password


You receive the following message when attempting to reset your eRaider password using the "Forgot Password" option at

The information you provided did not match our records. If you entered your SSN, try your R-Number. We may not have your SSN on file.

example screenshot


The TechID or Social Security numberĀ (SSN) that you typed did not match the records for your account in the eRaider database. This could be because they were typed incorrectly or because your TechID or SSN may not be recorded appropriately in the eRaider system.


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

1) Try typing the information again and clicking Continue.

2) If you receive the same message after typing your SSN, try typing your TechID instead. If you got the message after typing your TechID, try typing your SSN instead. Then, click Continue.

3) If you believe that your SSN might be entered incorrectly into the eRaider system, please see Incorrect Social Security number stored in eRaider or Banner systems for information on how to get it corrected.

4) If you still cannot get past this verification step, please contact ITĀ Help Central for assistance.


You will be able to reset your eRaider password.