Error: "The specified account does not exist" when attempting to change your eRaider password through Windows


You receive the following error message when attempting to change your eRaider ( domain) password through Windows:

The specified account does not exist.

example screenshot


You may have tried to change your password by typing your alias (the portion before the @ symbol in your TechMail address) by itself into the "User name" field.

EXAMPLE: jane.doe

The proper username format is either your full TechMail address or ttuyour_eRaider_username.


EXAMPLE: ttujdoe

However, regardless of whether the appropriate username format is used, you will not have permissions to change your eRaider password through the Windows interface. eRaider passwords must be changed in the eRaider system, and the password will update on the domain automatically.


Change your eRaider password by using eRaider Account Manager.


You will be able to change your password.