Error: "The system was unable to unlock your login keychain" when signing in to your Mac


You receive the following message after signing in to your Mac:

The system was unable to unlock your login keychain.

If you remember your old password you can update the keychain password. If you do not remember your old password, you can create a new login keychain.

Would you like to update the password or create a new keychain?

example screenshot


This may happen if you normally sign in to your Mac using your eRaider account and you changed your eRaider password since the last time you signed in to the Mac.


You can update your keychain password to match your current eRaider password. Just click Update Keychain Password and then type your previous eRaider password.

example screenshot

If you don't know your previous eRaider password, you will need to click Create New Keychain. This means that you will lose access to the items in the previous login keychain.


You will no longer see this message when signing in to your Mac.