Cannot access expected services after eRaider account consolidation


After multiple eRaider accounts were consolidated, your remaining account doesn't have the expected access to services such as:

  • Faculty tab in Raiderlink
  • Advisor tab in Raiderlink
  • Employee tab in Raiderlink
  • MyTech tab in Raiderlink
  • Software Downloads in eRaider Account Manager
  • TechMail
  • TTUnet VPN
  • TTUnet Wi-Fi
  • Housing


eRaider account consolidations update the eRaider database by renumbering the accounts only. It has no affect on access to services.


Wait until after 7:00 AM the next morning. eRaider batch jobs run each morning that establish each account's affiliation as TTUHSC faculty, TTUS staff, TTU undergraduate student, etc.


After waiting until the next morning your account should re-establish its affiliation automatically. You should then be able to access the services needed.