eRaider account should have faculty affiliation but does not


Your eRaider account should have a faculty affiliation but does not. This may limit your access to some systems relevant to your role as a faculty member, such as the "Faculty" tab in Raiderlink, access to Blackboard, or the ability to create a TechMail mailbox.


Your ePAF has not been processed to the necessary approval point so that the eRaider system is aware of your faculty affiliation, or your college/department put your official start date on the ePAF as a date in the future. Your eRaider account will not reflect a faculty affiliation until your official start date has arrived and your ePAF has reached its necessary approval point.


1) Contact IT Help Central with the details of the problem. IT Help Central may need to obtain additional information in order to properly discern a course of action and troubleshoot the problem.

2) Once IT Help Central confirms that the problem is related to the cause stated above, they will assign a request in your name to the group "IS Student and CRM".


The IS Student and CRM group can manually add information to a database table which will give you an eRaider association in Banner. If your Banner records already list you as having access to the "Faculty" tab in Raiderlink, then you will have immediate access after the IS Student and CRM group completes their work and returns the request to IT Help Central.

When your Banner records eventually begin feeding to the eRaider system, everything will synchronize just as it should and no further problems should result. Once your ePAF reaches the appropriate approval level and your start date arrives, you will be able to create a TechMail mailbox and access other services.