Vendor, research partner, or other user with manually authorized eRaider account cannot reset password or use the "Set-Up Account" feature


A vendor, business/research partner, general public user, or any other eRaider account holder with a manually authorized eRaider account is unable to reset their eRaider password using Forgot Password or using an eRaider setup code. The account holder may receive one of the following messages:

Invalid User Information


Invalid Code/User Combination


The account holder may have entered the information incorrectly.

Also, the account holder's date of birth (DOB), TechID, Social Security number (SSN) may have been entered incorrectly when they set up their eRaider account, which means that even when they type the DOB, TechID, or SSN correctly it will not match what's in the eRaider system.


No one at Texas Tech University or from anywhere else should ask for your password.

1) Ensure that the username is being typed correctly. The username should be typed in lowercase. If you are unsure of the username, you may look up your username online.

2) Make sure the date of birth (DOB) is being entered correctly. The DOB should be entered in the format MM/DD/YYYY (e.g., 01/01/1990).

3) Make sure the TechID or Social Security number (SSN) is being entered correctly.

4) Make sure the setup code is being typed correctly. If in doubt, contact IT Help Central. IT Help Central staff can assign a request in your name to system administrators who can verify the setup code against what is stored in the eRaider system for the account in question.

5) If you suspect that the DOB, TechID, or SSN may be stored incorrectly in the eRaider database, the account owner can provide a copy of their driver's license to Enterprise IT Security via email or fax:

In the meantime, IT Help Central will assign a request in the account holder's name to Enterprise IT Security. If the DOB, TechID, or SSN was incorrect in the eRaider system, Enterprise IT Security can correct it once identity and information has been verified.


The account owner will be able to change their password or set up their account.