Error: "Incorrect user ID or password" when signing in using your eRaider account


You receive the following message when attempting to sign in to a service using your eRaider credentials:

Incorrect user ID or password. Type the correct user ID and password, and try again.

example screenshot


The following are potential causes:

  • You typed the username incorrectly or not in the proper format.
  • You typed the password incorrectly.
  • Your web browser is attempting to auto-fill the information, and the saved information in your browser's auto-fill cache is incorrect.
  • Your account is locked due to too many incorrect passwords being entered in a short period of time.


1) Do not rely on auto-complete from your browser. Manually type the information to ensure that it's accurate.

2) Ensure that your username is typed correctly. If you are not positive what your username is, you may look it up.

3) Make sure your username is typed in the correct format.

4) Ensure that your password is type correctly. If you are not positive what your password is, you may reset it.

5) Contact ITĀ Help Central to see if your account is locked.


You will be able to sign in successfully if your account is locked and you are entering the correct username and password.