Did not receive messages sent to your TechMail address




Perform the following tests to receive the message

1) Check all of your folders.

2) Look at your blocked sender's list.

3) Maybe the mailbox is being accessed with email client software which has junk email filtering. That software could be moving the messages to another folder, such as the Junk Email folder. You also could have server-side junk filtering enabled, which would have the same basic effect as client-side filtering.

4) It is possible that a rule is removing these emails and either moving them to an alternate folder in the mailbox, a PST file, or permanently deleting them. Check your rules to see if that's the case. Perhaps try disabling all rules and see if the email can be received.

5) It could also be that Outlook has archived the email message through AutoArchiving, which will remove the item from the mailbox and place it in the archive folders. Hence check the archive folder.

6) Someone else could have access to the folder by permissions and folder sharing. Right-click the folder, go to Properties, and look at the Permissions tab to see if someone else might have been granted access.

7) The message could still be stuck in the sender's Outbox. Hence have the sender check the Outbox.

8) Have the sender check for bounced messages.

9) The email was sent to the wrong address. Hence have the sender check the address again.

10) Ask the sender to try sending you a message using delivery receipts. If the message is successfully delivered to your mailbox, the sender will get a receipt back indicating such. This will indicate that the email services are working properly and you are just not able to see the message due to a client configuration of some sort.

11) Malware or viruses may be attached to the message and was detected by antivirus/antimalware software. IT Help Central has certain email filters set up set up to catch any suspicious emails, below are reasons why the message might have been filtered out.

  • The sender address contained in the message does not match the actual sender address (common in phishing schemes).
  • The message is from a mail domain that has been blacklisted for sending junk email.
  • The message contains malware.

12) A problem occurred between the server sending the email and Microsoft 365 servers. Find the message in the sent items folder and sent it to IT Help Central for further investigation.

13) If you still can't receive messages after attempting the following steps, please contact IT Help Central.


You are able to receive messages to your TechMail address.