A different time than intended is shown on meeting requests and appointments on your TechMail calendar


If the clock or the time zone settings are incorrect on your Mac or PC, this can cause the times to be misrepresented on the calendar in Outlook. Sometimes, it is not on the usual computer you use but on a different computer. For example, you might access a calendar at work typically, but at home only occasionally. Or, maybe someone else has access to create appointments on your calendar (such as an assistant), and that person's settings are wrong.


Be sure that the date and time on all of your computers and on your assistant's computers are set correctly and have the proper time zone information. Also, be certain that they are set to automatically adjust for Daylight Saving Time. You may want to set the computer to automatically update from an Internet time server.

Even if you don't normally use Outlook on the web, sign in and check the time zone settings there.


The problem is resolved on items that you create or edit in the future. You may have to manually fix appointments and events that were set up prior to you fixing the settings.