Meetings default to private in Outlook for Windows


When creating new calendar appointments or meetings, they default to private. Other individuals that have permissions to your calendar details may not be able to see the details because all meetings and appointments you created are private.


It is possible that you are using a custom form for all meetings and appointments.


1) In Outlook, click the Calendar icon.

2) In the panel on the left side, right-click your calendar. It may be listed under "My Calendars".

3) Click Properties.

4) Next to "When posting to this folder, use", there should be a drop-down menu. If that drop-down menu is set to anything other than "IPM.Appointment", Outlook is using a custom form. To resolve this problem, the form can be set back to the default "IPM. Appointment". If the custom form is needed for other reasons, please edit the custom form to no longer set appointments to private.


Meetings will no longer default to private.