Continuously redirected to sign-in page when attempting to sign in to eRaider Account Manager on your mobile device


You experience a sign-in loop where, after inputting your eRaider credentials and attempting to sign in using a mobile device, you are taken back to the sign-in screen again.


The eRaider system was not able to authenticate your sign-in attempt based on the sign-in key and IP address returned for verification. This could be because your IP address changed.


There is no known resolution at this time.


Connect to TTUnet VPN.


You should be able to access eRaider Account Manager on your mobile device.

If you still cannot sign in after connecting to VPN, keep the VPN connection active and try browsing to a site other than eRaider Account Manager that uses eRaider authentication (e.g., Sign in to that site, and then browse back to

You can also try using a different Internet service provider (ISP).