Unable to connect to any TTU wireless network using Chromecast


TTUnet and eduroam

Chromecast does not include support for the WPA2-Enterprise standard (802.1X), which is the technology used for TTUnet and most enterprise wireless networks.

TTUguest and TTU Res Halls

Even though Chromecast supports the WPA2-Personal standard which is used on the TTUguest and TTU Res Halls wireless networks, the device is still incapable of connecting on these networks. This is because the Chromecast is not a standalone device; it requires another Wi-Fi enabled device (such as a smartphone), connected to the same network, to control it and set it up. The problem is that even if the Chromecast and the mobile device are both connected to TTU Res Halls Wi-Fi, they are not able to "see" each other and communicate. Chromecast is designed to be configured and set up on a Wi-Fi network typical of most homes where only one router/access point exists with a handful of devices connected, not on a complex enterprise-level network with thousands of devices and hundreds of routers/access points.


There is no known resolution at this time.