Error: "OLE DB Error 80040e09" when accessing form to request eRaider Web Sign-in


When accessing the form to request eRaider Web Sign-inĀ (eRWS) services for your web application, you receive the following message:

OLE DB Error 80040e09


Frames and browser session problems


1) Close all your open windows for the particular web browser that you are using.

2) Open a new instance of your browser.

3) Browse directly to without going to any other websites.

4) When prompted for authentication, sign in using your eRaider account.

5) If you still cannot access the website, clear the history, cache, and cookies for your browser. Then, repeat StepsĀ 2-4 to try again.


You will be able to access the website to register a new application for eRaider Web Sign-in.