TechMail problems on your Android 11 device


Make sure you have an active Internet connection by checking to see if you can access websites. Next, try restarting your device, and afterwards check your TechMail account's configuration in the default email client app.

NOTE: Android is highly customizable and may look different depending on your manufacturer. The steps below may vary for different devices.

1) Open your default web browser and make sure that you have an established Internet connection by browsing to several websites. Try both TTU and non-TTU websites (i.e., and If your Internet connection is not active, you will not be able to send email messages using the default mail client. Resolve the Internet connection problem first, and then proceed with these steps if needed.

2) Try powering down your device and then turning it back on.

3) Once you are certain that your Internet connection is working successfully, go to your default email client app and ensure that the email settings are correct for your TechMail account.

3a) Tap Email.

example screenshot

3b) Tap the vertical ellipses at the top left.

example screenshot

3c) Tap the settings icon.

example screenshot

3d) Tap your TechMail address.

example screenshot

3e) Tap Exchange server settings.

example screenshot

3f) Correct any information that you need to update, and then tap Done.

example screenshot


You are able to successfully use the TechMail service on your Android device.


You may access TechMail through Outlook on the web using your default web browser.