Error when signing into a computer in the TTU Library or ATLC labs


When attempting to sign into a computer in an ATLC lab or the Library, you may receive one of the following error messages:

  • Insufficient privileges to load your personal profile. Please contact your administrator for assistance
  • Loading of profile failed, the system cannot log you on
  • Windows Cannot log you on because your profile cannot be loaded, please make sure you are connected to the network…there is not enough space on the disk
  • The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.


The error was likely because there was not enough space on the hard drive to create a new profile. Many individuals use the public computers, and eventually the profiles fill up the hard drive.


Computers maintained by the Library

All computers on the 1st floor (main floor), 2nd floor, basement, and stack levels of the TTU Library are maintained by the Library staff. Please contact Library Circulation at 806-742-2265 for problems that occur on the first floor, basement, and all stacks levels. Please call 806-742-2245 for problems that occur on the second floor.

Computers maintained by the TTU IT Division
  • ATLC Main (Basement of Library)
  • ATLC West (Coleman)
  • ATLC North (Carpenter Wells)
  • ATLC East (Bledsoe/Gordon/Sneed)
  • ATLC SUB (Student Union Building)
  • ATLC MCOM (Media and Communication Building) - particular hours only
  • eRaider Kiosks

ATLC computers are maintained by Technology Support, a department in the TTU IT Division. Administrators have installed a script on ATLC computers that will remove all user profiles, but it only runs when the computers are restarted. Restart the computer and a script will delete all the profiles on it upon start-up. Then, you should be able to sign in without getting the profile error.

If you cannot sign in after restarting the computer, contact IT Help Central with the following information:

  • Name of the computer (printed on a sticker on the side or front of the computer)
  • Location of the computer (which lab and room number)
  • An idea of the urgency of your request

IT Help Central will assign a request in your name it to the appropriate team.