Prompted for Citrix Workspace server name or credentials when signing in to your Windows user account


After signing in to your Windows user account, you receive the following Citrix Workspace prompt:

Add Account

Enter your work email or server address provided by your IT department:

example screenshot


The computer on which you signed in to Windows has Citrix Workspace installed, and the Citrix Workspace software has not yet been configured under the Windows profile to which you signed in.


If you do not intend to use Citrix Workspace

Check the box next to "Do not show this window automatially at sign-in". Then, click Close. (You can always set it up later by opening Citrix Workspace whenever you like.)

example screenshot

If you intend to use Citrix Workspace

1) Type and click Add.

example screenshot

2) If prompted for credentials, type your eRaider username in the format ttu\your_eRaider_username (e.g., ttu\jdoe). Then, type your eRaider password and click Sign In.

example screenshot


If you chose to no longer receive the prompt, you will not see it anymore when signing in.

If you set up Citrix Workspace, you can now use Citrix Workspace to run apps.