Security warning when accessing a Java application


You receive the warning below when attempting to access a Java application (Banner, Blackboard, etc.):

If you click Yes, you may be able to access the application, but certain aspects of it may be missing (toolbars, menu buttons, etc.).


The latest version of Java includes a safeguard against applications which contain both signed and unsigned components.


1) Navigate to the Control Panel in Windows and open the Java Control Panel applet.

TIP: To find the Java Control Panel applet easily, switch the Control Panel view to Classic.

2) In the Java Control Panel, click the Advanced tab.

3) Under the "Settings" heading, navigate to Security, and then Mixed code (sandbox vs. trusted) security verification.

4) Click the radio button next to "Enable - hide warning and run with protections", and then click OK.

5) Close and re-open your web browser.


You should be able to access all functions of the Java web application again.