Dell computer hardware support


Hardware problems on Dell computer.


You can call Dell Support for Education at 800-234-1490 and follow the phone prompts. Tech Support will ask for your Service Tag number, which is located on the side or back of the CPU case. Explain your problem to Tech Support, make sure to pass on all information, such as error codes, error messages, and basically any information that can help in the diagnosis of your PC problems. Also, Dell will tell you if your PC is still under warranty. You will need to have the Diagnostic CD or diskette that came with your PC. If you do not have this software you can download the the required software from the Dell Support Web site at

If the problem is a solid failure, running the Diagnostics will isolate the device or equipment that is having the problem. On intermittent problems sometimes it harder to get the diagnostic test to find a failure and requires more in depth troubleshooting. If you have a failing component and your PC is under warranty, Dell will ship you a replacement part.


Work with Dell to address hardware problems with your Dell PC.