Error: "Out-of-date versions of Java were found and should be uninstalled"


You receive the following message when checking your version of Java at

Out-of-date versions of Java were found and should be uninstalled

example screenshot


You have an older version of Java installed on your computer.


If the older version is no longer needed, you may uninstall it. If you still need it, you may keep it. However, always keep in mind that outdated software can pose a security risk to your information resources and/or those of the university.

To uninstall:

1) Click Uninstall Selected Versions.

example screenshot

2) Click Continue to Uninstall.

example screenshot

3) If prompted about User Account Control, click Yes.

example screenshot

4) Wait a moment while the removal of the software is completed.


The version of Java you elected to remove has been uninstalled.

example screenshot