Display name in Raiderlink not showing as you expect


Your name is not displayed in Raiderlink as you expect.


This could be because Raiderlink displays your legal first and last name as they are entered into the Banner HR and Banner Student systems. At this time, only your legal first name and legal last name will be used when displaying your name in Raiderlink.


There is no known resolution at this time.

The system administrators of the Raiderlink system are aware of the need for some individuals to display a different name other than their legal first and last name. Some individuals, for example, go by their middle name, a combination of their first and middle name, or a nickname.

As programming resources become available, the system administrators will work on adding different capabilities for displaying names in Raiderlink. Until that time, display names in Raiderlink can only be your legal first and last name.


Until programming resources become available, your display name in Raiderlink must be your legal first and last name.