Email messages stuck in Inbox folder; FootPrints not reading in new emails because background processes are busy


There is a process on the FootPrints server which handles background processing. This includes escalations, sending emails, and reading incoming emails. If the process is busy doing one task, it may put the others on hold while it completes.

EXAMPLE: If escalations are keeping the background processing busy, it may delay reading or sending emails in order to finish the escalations.


Wait at least an hour.

If the problem persists, it may be necessary to contact IT Help Central so that they can open a global issue and notify FootPrints system administrators.

Normally, every 2-5 minutes, FootPrints checks the Inbox folder in the mailbox for each workspace, reads in any emails, and deletes them as it reads them in. It then processes those emails by either updating existing issues or creating new issues, as appropriate.

If the Inbox folder becomes "backed up" with emails older than five minutes or so, it may be an indication that the server's background processing is not free to be able to read in emails. If this occurs, wait at least an hour to give the system time to catch up on its processing tasks.

If the problem persists, contact IT Help Central and request that they open a global issue and that they notify FootPrints system administrators.