Email message stuck in Inbox folder; FootPrints not reading in new email message because it contains a large attachment


FootPrints is reading in all emails except certain ones. The Inbox folder for your functional mailbox contains one or more messages that are skipped over by FootPrints, and those messages are large in size.


The email message may contain a large attachment, or the body of the email message is too large.


Open the email message in Outlook and save the large attachment. Go to Actions > Edit Message, delete the large attachment, and save the message. Once the message is read into FootPrints, find the issue that was created/edited by the email and manually attach the file you saved earlier.

1) Open the email message in Outlook by double-clicking it to open it in its own window.

2) Save the large attachment from the email in a safe place on your computer or a shared network drive. You can do this by right-clicking on the attachment and choosing Save As.

3) On the toolbar inside the email message, click Actions and choose Edit Message.

example screenshot

4) Right-click on the attachment and choose Remove Attachment.

example screenshot

5) In the upper left-hand corner, click the "Save" button to save the changes.

example screenshot

6) Close the email message and wait for FootPrints to read in the email message. FootPrints will automatically delete the message when it is read into the system.

7) Go to the issue in FootPrints that was created or updated when the email was read in. Edit the issue and manually attach the file that you saved in StepĀ 2. Then, save the issue.


The Inbox has been cleared of stuck email messages.