TTU Unified Communications calls disconnect when answered or dialed on Windows


  • When you answer an incoming call, Skype for Business may disconnect the call after you answer it.
  • Your Unified Communications device shows more than one person's name on the screen (applies to the Polycom CX300).


Multiple users may be signed in to Skype for Business on separate computer profiles within the same computer. Only one person can be signed in to a computer at one time and use Skype for Business for phone calls. If the option to switch user accounts is used in Windows instead of signing out completely, Skype for Business is unable to differentiate to whom it should send the call. This is why the call is disconnected upon answer.


The other person signed in to the computer needs to sign out of their Windows profile.


Reboot the computer.

CAUTION: If there are any unsaved documents in the other profile, you may not be able to recover them.


You will be able to receive TTU Unified Communications voice calls.