Error: "Something went wrong. Your organization has deleted this device."


When you sign in to a Microsoft 365 service, you receive the following error message:

Something went wrong

Your organization has deleted this device.

To fix this, contact your system administrator and provide the error code700003.

example screenshot




1) Make sure that you have signed out of all Office applications.

2) Go to the Settings application in Windows and click Accounts. Then, click Access work or school.

3) If your TTU account is listed, expand it and choose Disconnect.

4) There will be warnings. Accept them.

5) Add the connection back for your TTU account in "Work or school account".

6) Open the Office application (not Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or another app).

7) Sign in if necessary.

8) If successful, open Word, Excel, or PowerPoint and see if you are signed in with your TTU account.

9) If asked for the MDM Server URL, type the following, as seen in the solution Error: 'Allow this website to configure EMAIL_ADDRESS server settings?' in Microsoft Outlook for Windows:

example screenshot


You can access Microsoft 365 products.