No corresponding TTU domain account exists for active eRaider account


You have set up your eRaider account but do not have a TTU Active Directory domain account.


The eRaider system and TTU Active Directory domain may not be synchronizing properly, or your TTU domain account may have never been created.


Attempt to activate your TTU Active Directory domain account in eRaider Account Manager. (If you are unable to sign in to activate your domain account, please contact IT Help Central.)

If the account shows to be active and more than 15 minutes have passed, contact IT Help Central if the account still isn't functional. IT Help Central will check Active Directory thoroughly to confirm that no domain account exists, that your eRaider account is currently active, and that there is nothing they can do with available tools to activate the account. They may also request additional information to aid in the troubleshooting process and may assign a request or incident in your name to system administrators for advanced troubleshooting.


Your domain account has been created, and you can sign in successfully.