Error: "malware Site Blocked" when navigating to a website


You may receive the following error message when attempting to browse to a website while on the TTUnet network:

malware Site Blocked

An attempt to access a malware site was detected and blocked.

example screenshot


The website is currently on the university's TTUnet firewall malware and phishing list.


If you believe the site is legitmate but is simply temporarily infected with malware, you may wait for the website to be accessible again by trying again later. These lists are actively maintained, and sites that are no longer infected with malware or are no longer hosting phishing websites are removed from the list. If there is an urgent need to access the site, please contact ITĀ Help Central.

If you believe the site is not legitmate, simply ignore the error and proceed accessing other sites.


You will be able to access legitimate sites once they are no longer a known source of malware.