Error: "User Record Already Exists" when attempting to set up your eRaider account


When attempting to set up your eRaider account, you receive the following message:

User Record Already Exists

example screenshot


The account information you entered matched an account already in the eRaider database. The eRaider system will not create an account if certain pieces of information match an existing account.


Go back to the beginning of the eRaider account setup process and carefully ensure along the way that each bit of information entered is absolutely correct.

If you continue to experience the error and you are certain that the information entered is correct, it may be that your account was already set up. In this case, you may use the Forgot Username and Forgot Password features of eRaider to recover your account information.

If further assistance is needed, please contact ITĀ Help Central.


You will be able to gain access to your eRaider account.