Sign-in attempt to eRaider only refreshes page and does not sign you in successfully


eRaider website authentication is not followed by a successful sign-in.


May be caused by multiple browser sessions or network routing problems. The problem is also commonly caused by spyware or a virus.


If multiple browser windows are open, there could have been a previous browser session established for eRaider authentication. Close all browser windows and try again. If necessary, restart the computer to ensure that all instances of previous browser sessions are closed.

Try connecting to TTUnet VPN. This may fix the problem if it's due to networking or proxy errors. If you were already connected to TTUnet VPN, try disconnecting to see if that resolves the problem.

Doing browser troubleshooting and virus/spyware troubleshooting might resolve the problem, as well.


You should be able to successfully sign in to the website using eRaider credentials.