Receiving printer error messages




Many printing problems can be caused by hardware-related issues. Before proceeding to more complex troubleshooting methods, you must verify that hardware-related issues are not causing your printing problem.

Printer troubleshooting checklist

  • Verify that your printer is connected to a working power source.
  • Verify that your printer is properly connected to your printer port. Note that the cable must be seated properly in the printer port on your computer and at the printer.
  • Verify that your printer has paper (or other appropriate printing media) available, and that it is not jamming the printer.
  • Verify that your printer contains a sufficient supply of ink or toner to work properly.
  • If your printer has an online/offline setting or button, verify that your printer is online.
  • Reset your printer by turning it off and then turning it back on after 5-10┬áseconds. Many printing problems are the result of your printer memory being full.
  • Save all open applications and reboot your computer. Then, try to print your document again.
  • If possible, perform a self-test on the printer. These "self-diagnostic" tools can often resolve or diagnose basic problems with your hardware. The method for performing a self-test is different for different printers, and you should view your printer documentation for instructions about how to do so. If the self-test does not work, your printer may be damaged or need servicing. (Determine if the printer is under warranty or a service contract. If so contact the necessary parties for further assistance. If not, the person's on-site support will need to be contacted.)
  • Check your printer drivers and update them if needed.
  • If another computer is available, verify that your printer works properly when connected to another computer. Note that if your printer does not work properly when connected to another computer, your printer may be damaged, and may need servicing.


You should be able to print if all these problems have been checked.