Error: "A valid service parameter is required in the query string" when signing in to Blackboard Learn


When attempting to sign into Blackboard Learn, you receive the following message:

A valid service parameter is required in the query string.

The page with the error message may have a URL similar to the following:


You may have signed in to TimeClock Plus using eRaider before you attempted to sign in to Blackboard. There are some known problems with the way that TimeClock Plus handles eRaider authentication, and it affects other eRaider-authenticated apps.


There is no known resolution at this time.


TIP: In the future, you may avoid this problem by signing into Blackboard before signing into TimeClock Plus. In the meantime, below are two ways to work around the problem if you have already experienced it.

Workaround #1

A1) Browse to

A2) Click the Sign Out button.

A3) After Step 2, you will be taken to an eRaider sign-in page. Sign into eRaider from there.

A4) Try to access Blackboard again.

Workaround #2

B1) Close all of the windows in your current browser.

B2) Reopen the browser.

B3) Attempt to access Blackboard without going to TimeClock Plus first.


You will be able to access Blackboard Learn.