Docking station problems





If you experience difficulty with your docking station, please try the following steps in order to resolve the problem.

1) Determine the make and model of your docking station. Visit the manufacturer's website to find an online owner's manual for the docking station. Manuals usually have typical troubleshooting steps that you can follow.

2) Check the physical connections of all the cables/cords. Try unplugging each one and plugging it back in.

3) Try swapping out the cables/cords in case there is a problem with a certain cable.

4) Some docking stations may require certain software. Ensure that any necessary software is installed. Check with the vendor or review the manual/documentation to be certain.

5) The problem may not be with the docking station but instead with one of the devices being connected to the docking station. Follow troubleshooting steps specific to the equipment that is having trouble (e.g., monitor troubleshooting).

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