Unable to open a link in Blackboard Learn


  • Unable to open a link in Blackboard Learn
  • Unable to open a link to a file


The problem can be caused by a pop-up blocker or anti-virus program.


Temporarily disable any pop-up blockers that you have and/or disable your anti-virus software temporarily. If you confirm that this fixed the problem, seek a long-term solution. Here are ideas to try for long-term solutions:

  • Switch to a different anti-virus software version or vendor.
  • Switch to a different pop-up blocker version or vendor.
  • Uninstall the pop-up blocker software and re-install it.
  • Uninstall the anti-virus software and re-install it.
  • Check the documentation from the provider of the software to see if there's a way to configure it to prevent it from interfering with your links.


You will be able to access the link in Blackboard.