Error: "An account could not be found matching that user information" when looking up eRaider username


When using the Forgot Username feature of eRaider, you receive the following error message after submitting your information:

An account could not be found matching that user information

example screenshot


The information entered did not match any account in the eRaider Account Management System (eRAMS). This may happen due to one or more of the following:

  • The account has not been set up yet by the account owner.
  • The first name, last name, and/or date of birth were not typed correctly by the account holder when using this "Forgot Username" tool.
  • The first name, last name, and/or date of birth are not correct in authoritative university records (e.g., the Banner system or TTU K-12 records).
  • The first name, last name, and/or date of birth are not correct in the eRaider system because they were not entered correctly when the account was manually authorized.


1) Make sure that you have a current affiliation with Texas Tech.

If you are a faculty or staff member, your eRaider account will not be automatically authorized by eRAMS until your official start date. Your ePAF must be processed to a certain point before your account will be automatically authorized in eRaider. Full-time staff at IT Help Central's Service Desk can determine your ePAF status.

If you are a student, you must have applied for admission in order to have an eRaider account.

2) Verify the legal first & last name.

Type your first and last name exactly as it is recorded in Texas Tech's authoritative records. Use your legal name rather than what you normally go by.

If you have a name with a hyphen or a space, try typing it various ways. Also, sometimes account holders with two words in their first or last name may have been entered into the authoritative records with part of their name as the Middle Name. Try leaving off part of the first or last name in such cases.

EXAMPLE: If your name is Jo Ann Smith, try typing "Jo" as the first name and "Smith" as the last name, even though your first name may be "Jo Ann".)

3) Verify the date of birth (DOB).

Make sure that you are typing the DOB in the correct format. Some international users are accustomed to putting the day first, followed by the month. However, the date must be typed with the month first, and with two characters for the month, two for the day, and four for the year (in the format MM/DD/YYYY).

4) Correct your info in authoritative records, if necessary.

If the DOB or legal name you are using does not match what is stored in the eRaider records, you must get it corrected by contacting the appropriate office:

  • Faculty/staff - Employees should contact the employment services coordinator (ESC) in their department to get the name or DOB updated in their employee records.
  • Student employees - eRaider accounts for student employees come from employee records just like faculty and staff. Therefore, these students should contact the employment services coordinator (ESC) in their department to ensure their name and DOB are correct.
  • Regular students - Contact the Office of the Registrar.
  • TTU K-12 students - If the student is not employed by Texas Tech and not taking any classes through Texas Tech other than through the TTU K-12 office, they should contact TTU K-12.

TIP: When contacting the offices above, do not tell them that you need help getting your eRaider account information or you may be incorrectly referred right back to IT Help Central. Ask specifically for help updating your DOB.


If you have a current affiliation and your eRaider records are correct, you are able to look up your username using the Forgot Username feature.

NOTE: If authoritative records were updated, it will take overnight before those changes reach the eRaider system.