Error: "Information Entered Does Not Match Existing Records - 002" when setting up your eRaider account


You receive the following message when trying to set up a new eRaider account:

Information Entered Does Not Match Existing Records - 002

example screenshot


Either the first name, last name, or date of birth did not match what is on file in the eRaider records for your account.


Type the correct name and date of birth for your account. Then, click Confirm.

TIP: Make sure you are typing the date of birth with two numbers for the month and day (e.g., 01/05 for January 5th). Separate the month, day, and year with a forward slash (/). When typing your name, use your legal first and legal last name as provided to Texas Tech University.

example screenshot


You will be able to complete the eRaider account setup process.