Unable to connect to TTUnet Wi-Fi in Windows due to limitations in manufacturer's wireless utility


You are unable to connect to the TTUnet wireless network.


Many times, the wireless adapter—whether built-in or an add-on—comes with not only a driver but also a software utility to make setting up wireless easier for the customer. In some cases, this extra utility does not work as well as the wireless management software which comes with Windows.


Uninstalling the software utility which came with the wireless adapter can fix connection problems many times. Be aware that if you uninstall the utility, it may also remove the driver. Be sure that you have the source files to reinstall in case you need them. Reinstall the driver only and not the whole software package. Also, try getting the latest driver from the manufacturer's website.

Sometimes, because of the way the manufacturer packages the driver, they will not allow you to install the driver only when you run the setup utility. However, many times you can extract the driver from the setup files or find it separately on the disc. Sometimes this involves starting the setup process, going to your %TEMP% folder and copying the driver to an alternate location, and finally canceling the installation process.

NOTE: Walk-up Services at IT Help Central does not install hardware or drivers. For customers in the residence halls, Residence Hall Support may be able to assist, but Walk-up Services should check with them first. For employees with a computer owned by Texas Tech, you should be able to get on-site assistance rather than using Walk-up Services.


By installing the driver only and not the manufacturer's whole software package, you may be able to connect to TTUnet wireless by using the built-in Windows wireless software.