Printing problems with Adobe Illustrator in Windows


When attempting to print in Adobe Illustrator, the document sits in the printer queue indefinitely and never print.


The document is not being printed due to a permissions problem between Illustrator and the printer.


1) The current user attempting to print from Adobe Illustrator will need to have administrative rights on the computer as well as the printer (if the printer is a local printer, a network printer, or hosted on \\ If you do not have administrative rights on both devices, your on-site support provider will need to provide you with those rights on your computer.

2) Once administrative rights are granted, restart the computer and sign back in to the computer with your eRaider username and eRaider password.

3) Open the Control Panel.

4) Double-click Printers and Faxes.

5) Right-click on the printer that was having the problem and click Delete.

6) Click File > Add Printer, and re-add that same printer.

NOTE: You may need to have the driver software and/or the network information for the printer on-hand.


You will now be able to print documents from Adobe Illustrator on your computer.