FootPrints automatically selects wrong customer record when reading incoming email


An email comes in to FootPrints and an issue is created, but when FootPrints looks in the Address Book to find a customer record, it associates the issue with an unexpected record.


Multiple customer records exist in the FootPrints Address Book which have the same primary email address. When FootPrints reads incoming emails and creates an issue, it has no way of determining which of the records to use, so it simply selects one of them (the earliest one created).


NOTE: If multiple records exist for the same person, these should be consolidated before following the procedure below.

1) Go to the Address Book.

2) Use the Advanced searching feature to locate all of the address book records which have the email address but shouldn't. Edit them, remove the email address, and save the records. This should leave only one record remaining with the email address on it.


When the person owning the email address sends an email in the future which is read into FootPrints, FootPrints will select the only existing record with that email address.