Unable to sign in to online Housing system


You may receive the following message when attempting to access the Housing site at http://housing.ttu.edu:

Problem Signing In




1) Verify that you can sign in to the eRaider Account Manager at https://eraider.ttu.edu. If you cannot sign in to eRaider Account Manager, then the problem you are experiencing is likely not with the Housing site but with authenticating to eRaider. Please contact IT Help Central further assistance.

2) Verify you have been admitted to the university and that your admissions decision is reflected in your student records. Applied students will not have access. You will be unable to apply for housing until you are fully admitted.

NOTE: You may use Raiderlink to access your student records, or work with the Admissions and Registrar's offices as needed.

3) Verify that you have allowed 48 hours to pass for changes to get from the Banner Student system to the Housing application site. For example, if you were admitted today you will need to wait 48 hours before trying to access the Housing webapp.

4) Contact 806-742-2661 and ask to speak with the Welcome Center. Tell them that you are able to sign in to the eRaider website successfully but cannot access http://housing.ttu.edu.


You will be able to access the online Housing system.