Error: "Incoming File Too Large for FootPrints Service Core Error"


After sending an email message, you get a reply back from with the following subject:

'Incoming File Too Large for FootPrints Service Core Error'

The body will read similar to the following:

The incoming email file you sent to FootPrints Service Core is too large.
The size limitation of incoming email files is 204800 bytes


You sent an email message to an email address that is checked by FootPrints Service Core. FootPrints is used by ITĀ Help Central and other departments at TTU to handle their workflows and customer support needs.

The size of the email message that you sent was too large for FootPrints to read.

NOTE: This does not have reference to attachment sizes but instead to the contents of the email message itself.


Try sending your email again with less contents.


FootPrints will be able to read the email message successfully.