Error: "Symantec Uninstaller could not locate a required resource" when trying to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection on your Mac


You receive the following error when trying to uninstall Symantec Endpoint Protection:

Symantec Uninstaller could not locate a required resource. Please try running the uninstall application included on the CD, or contact Symantec for assistance.




NOTE: This process will require you to restart your Mac. Before beginning, please save all work and close other applications.

1) Ensure that you are signed in to the Mac using an account with administrative privileges.

2) Download from and unarchive it.

example screenshot

3) In the "RemoveSymantecMacFiles" folder, right-click (secondary-click) on RemoveSymanteMacFiles.command, and choose Open.

example screenshot

4) If a warning appears about opening applications from unidentified developers, click Open.

example screenshot

5) Type the password for the admin account to which you are signed in, and press the return key on your keyboard.

NOTE: When you type the password into Terminal, it will not show any characters, but Terminal still is taking the input.

example screenshot

6) Type a 1 into the prompt to choose "Remove all Symantec files/folders."

example screenshot

7) Type a Y for "yes" to restart your Mac.

example screenshot


Once the computer has restarted, you have successfully uninstalled Symantec software.