Unable to access a particular TechShare folder on your Mac


You cannot access certain folders on TechShare when using macOS. When trying to connect, it takes you to the main techshare.ttu.edu/depts folder.




If accessing the folder through the regular interface does not work, the other option that is available is to mount the SMB share with Terminal. This will require the following steps:

1) Open the Terminal app.

2) Use the following example command in Terminal to make a folder or directory where the network location will be mounted. For your_TechShare_folder, use the name of the folder which you are attempting to access. This command creates a temporary folder for use in mounting the network drive.


mkdir /Volumes/your_TechShare_folder

3) Determine the full path of the network location to which you intend to connect. The following example is not a command that you enter, but simply an example of the path you need to obtain.



4) Use the following example command to connect to the network share using the new folder that you created in StepĀ 1.

NOTE: The eRaider username specified below will need to be an account that has access to the resource.


mount -t smbfs //your_eRaider_username@techshare.ttu.edu/depts/your_dept_folder/some_folder/your_TechShare_folder /Volumes/your_TechShare_folder

5) You may be prompted to input the password for the user account that you specified above. If so, type the password and press Enter or Return.

6) Exit the Terminal application.


Once you have successfully inputted the correct information, you should now be connected to your network resource. You may access the resource by going to Finder, opening the Go menu, choosing Go to Folder, typing /Volumes/your_TechShare_folder, and pressing Return/Enter.