Error: "Allow this website to configure EMAIL_ADDRESS server settings?" in Microsoft Outlook for Windows


You receive the following prompt in Microsoft Outlook on Windows:

Allow this website to configure server settings?


Your account was redirected to this website for settings. You should only allow settings from sources you know and trust.

example screenshot

The server may be,, or

NOTE: The email address in the message you receive may be for any TechMail account that you access through Outlook, even if it is something as seemingly insignificant as viewing another user's calendar.


There are multiple possible causes for the prompt to appear.


Make sure that the address in the message begins with "", "", or "". Then, click Allow.

TIP: You can check the box "Don't ask me about this website again" if you want to avoid receiving the prompt in the future.

example screenshot


You can access your TechMail account in Outlook for Windows. The prompt may still appear occasionally due to many different circumstances.