Unable to access web server hosted in TTU residence halls because of TTU firewall


You have an Internet device in the TTU residence halls that hosts services over TCP port 80, but access to the services is being blocked.


Network administrators have blocked inbound connections on port 80 in the residence halls at TTU. TCP port 80 is the common port used to access pages hosted on a web server, but it can also be used for anything that can be set to use port 80. For security purposes, this port will not be unblocked under any circumstances.


Re-configure the web server or the service that you're hosting to use one of the ports left open for online games. The list of the ports that could be used is as follows:

  • TCP 28902
  • TCP 27900
  • TCP 27902
  • TCP 28900
  • TCP 27015
  • TCP 47624

With the alternate port set, the website would be accessible at: http://www.yourdomain.com:28900 in your web browser, for instance.

NOTE: IT Help Central does not provide support for configuring web servers. All inquiries about how to change such settings should be directed to the software manufacturer or hardware vendor.


After configuring your service to use a port other than TCP port 80, your service will be accessible.